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Dubai – The land of Gold

A city of gold, luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, a lively nightlife scene, and whatnot. You name it and its there. Out of all the emirates in UAE, Dubai made its way to the Guinness world records for numerous things, starting from the famous Burj Khalifa, the literal meaning this is divided into two is Burj’ means a tower, a building or a standing structure and ‘Khalifa’ is the surname of UAE’s king, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan. The second record for the world’s largest Christmas bauble. Moving forward, the largest Mall, the most expensive perfume in the world and whatnot, they love taking challenges and comes out with one of the best ways to surpass them. 

However, with all this popularity, challenges, and beauty, Dubai witness one of the largest expats in UAE. People all over the world are visiting and making it their home. 

Dubai will surprise you on every turn and move you take. What is more surprising is if you do not pay proper attention to your pocket, you might end up spending all on things that might not give you relief. 

With my first solo visit to this artificial land, I have realized that proper planning and knowing where, how and why will help you save a fortune. Read to know all the amazingly beautiful places in Dubai for free or less than 50 AED.

Let me start with the season to visit the city of gold. The best time to visit this city starts from November and can be attended till March, the weather is quite pleasant, no heat only the mild cold breeze and the so many festivals and certain places are open in this duration of time. 

So pack your bags and get ready to appreciate this city on a budget. 

You can not start your trip without adjusting your neck while looking at the Burj Khalifa. A building so tall that getting it on single fame will be a task for you. But a right angle can help you with the correct click. There is no entry fee to look at this piece of wonder.

The musical fountain

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Yes, we all have heard about this magnificent musical fountain and let me tell you something that the more you watch it online the less you will like it in reality so my suggestion is to watch it with naked eyes.

It is free in the virtual world but even in the real world it is free of cost but the catch here is there are specific timing to it and people from all over UAE and countries come to watch this. So, getting the right spot to watch the entire show of 5 mins is very important.

Due to the rush, I missed the first two show by a few seconds so I had to plan an advance the next time I went there. Be there like 10-15 mins before the show starts and get your hands on the right spot that is on the bridge next to gate number 6&7.

Having known the time is an aid to your trip. So here is your advantage afternoon shows are starting at 1 pm and 1.30 pm and 2 pm on Fridays). Evening shows begin at 6 pm and are every half hour until 11 pm. 

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Beach: Jumeirah beach, Kite beach, and Sunset beach

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Beaches are something that will enchant you as having such beaches in between dessert is something we humans find poles apart. But that’s one of the things that makes Dubai distinctive. The beaches are free of cost and all the three beaches are connected. Make sure that you stay there for the sunset. It will be impossible for you to watch the sunset and not dream. You will be charmed by how the sky will show you a colorful show. 

Gold Souk 

The city is known for its gold souk. Souk means market. The variety of gold displayed in the shop will give you an idea of how much does Arabs love gold. You can stroll around the souk. The stroll is free of cost but if you plan to shop then make sure you check the gold price online. All the shops are government maintained shops, that means the shopkeepers will not charge you extra than the price set by the government.

The largest mall: Dubai Mall

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It is not less than a maze, the immense structure and small things inside the mall makes it entertaining. Try to download the map for a less complicated visit. You can have a look at the small part of the aquarium located on the ground floor till 3rd floor. One of the most jaw-dropping view.

The Iconic Waterfall

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One of the most iconic waterfalls located just inside the mall. 

The best you can do is to visit the mall and watch the evening show of the musical fountain that way you will be able to cover two things in a day. 

The area around the mall is eye-catching. Every turn every way will lead to a new structure of amazement. I hammy GPS on the entire time. 

Get the best Instagram spots around the corner of boulevard park. I was amazed by the way people were dressed just to get one perfect click at the spot. 

Dubai had a rich culture to over, a modest environment and one of the safest place for people to visit. 

So pack your bags with your best outfits for all the free instagrammable spots. The best cuisines from all over the world will make you fall in love with Dubai. Get to know the best place to dine or eat in Dubai in our next write for foodies and more. 

Blog by Nidhi Choudhary

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