What Elections 2019 could have be in India

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What Elections 2019 could have be in India

Elections are a major part of Indian Economy, In every five(5) years the citizens get to choose the leader of their choice, but this is not exactly how it looks like. They win they keep fighting with each other and then they don’t work and the rest of the years the public suffers the most. Congress ruled for years and Bjp has ruled only a few times, but whenever they did. They were at their best. However, people of our country don’t want the development i guess. While i voted for Nota the previous times but i am really impressed with the Work done by Bhartiya Janta Party government.

The 2019 Indian general election that was recently held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. The counting of votes was conducted on 23 May, and on the same day the results were declared.

“About 900 million Indian citizens are eligible to vote in one of the seven phases depending on the region.”

BJP took the win, as predicted with a good number of votes alone. However, we still don’t know if in their second segment of ruling, will there be anything done for the public, the spaces, rules, and the roads & the places.
Everything that the authorities till date do is fine public, don’t work and don’t really provide good services from their end.

We are hoping for a development this time. If not then a bit of change, which is very important for all of us.


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