Who is behind the Sri lanka blasts

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Who is behind the Sri lanka blasts

It is said that the local terrorist group in Sri lanka is responsible for the attacks that took place on easter 2019, in Sri Lanka. However, the government of Sri Lanka has blamed a little-known local jihadist group, National Thowheed Jamath, although no-one has yet admitted about carrying out the such attacks and talking the responsibility for it.

Another attack has said to have injured approx. 500 people in the suicide attacks on or near the churches and hotels.

A nationwide emergency is declared from midnight (19:30 GMT) on Monday, the information came from the president’s office as per some news channels.

It has also been noted and said that the Police of Sri Lanka has arrested 24 people in a series of raids. It was reported that their was another explosion that rocked a street near a church in the capital, Colombo, on Monday but there were no immediate details about the same.

It was also said, that during the massacre people from different countries including India lost their lives and were injured.

We are still waiting on the updates as to how many people lost their lives and what has been done to find the culprits in this saddening incident.

We pray for their souls to rest in peace and condolences to their families.

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