10 Must Social media platforms to grow your Business…

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10 Must Social media platforms to grow your Business…

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10 Must Social media platforms to grow your Business. SOCIAL MEDIA – presentation

concept for networking and people contact, finding friends in internet

concept for networking and people contact, finding friends in internet

 So here is the Hack: Here are the “10 Social media apps and websites” you must Sign up with and have an account….!!

  1. Facebook – off-course we all know it is an important platform to be in touch with friends, update our daily life and amazing new things & happenings of life. Also, it is like your profile and portfolio. Important in terms you want to get a job.


  1. Twitter – 160 characters is what takes it high. Compacting your thought is what you get here. However the best platform to socialize and find people for networking and work through most verified accounts. You might not be able to find a friend here but what you can do


  1. LinkedIn + Slideshare – Linked in Is one of the most commonly known and best place to find yourself a job or update your current profile and what you are doing at present, to find the best recruiters and other by people and staying connected to those connections. Now that linkedin and Slideshare are linked is not that amazing? Yes, off-course it is, the presentations the slides that you have been sharing on Linked-in are now easy to be visible to your next employer or maybe easy for one to recruit as well.


  1. Tumblr – Image Sharing website where you can share the pictures clicked by you and this account is associated and/or made by the yahoo users only. So, if you are not using YAHOO you might need to take some time out to do the same.


  1. Flickr – another image sharing app & social media platform to grow your business, this one is much easier to understand so go for it go and open the platform and you will know what it is all about.
  1. Flipgram – is a brother/sister of instagram where you can make videos and add images and share it on other social media platforms this can be used as an app mostly.
  1. Instagram – Image editing and sharing application – also accessible from desktops/laptops now. Mostly used to promote business. The best way to promote your work is to show the best work done by you through some amazing clicks of yours and showcasing the talent.
    All you need to do is keep following the maximum people so that they follow you in return. somewhat similar to twitter only those follow you whom you will follow unless they are your friends or clients or you are a big brand. you also get an option for paid promotion like any other social media platform here as well.
  1. Blogging Platforms – Blogs are an important part in today’s world to promote your business. if you keep writing reviews or what you think or whatever you feel and want to make the blog about go for it. If you want to promote your business you need to get the right thing done which is BLOGGING (and not copying).
  1. Google+
  1. Zomato.comBlog by @followvaibhav (twitter)

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