Jibhi – More than just a hidden gem of Himachal Pardesh 

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Jibhi – More than just a hidden gem of Himachal Pardesh 

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Jibhi – More than just a hidden gem of Himachal Pardesh 

With the changing time, we wanted to change the way we live, and earn, this made people move away from a slow pace of life to the rush. But, as say they what goes around comes back around. 

I was on a look for a place which is not known to people and is quite. My best friend went to Jibhi last year and she fell in love with this place, all she wanted for me to visit this place. 

I wanted to visit Jibhi but on a special occasion and what’s better than a birthday. 

We had everything outlined, where to stay, where to go, how to go and all. One plus point was my friend have been to Jibhi before I did, so our planning was quite comfortable. 

The start of this astounding trip took place from Delhi. There is a no direct bus from Delhi to Jibhi, so we booked the bus running from Delhi to Manali as we had to get down at Aut which is way before Manali. Make sure you inform the bus driver and the conductor that you have to get down at Aut tunnel.

[ pro tip: The bus might drop you before the ETA, so instead of standing in cold and waiting, hire a cab in advance. Here is the number of the person who made sure that we have a blast in Jibhi. – Icchu Bhai 7018685004 ]

We were at Aut before the estimated time and luckily our driver was punctual and corporative. He was at the stop before we reached and thank God he was there. The weather was frigid and windy. It took us around 1 hour to reach our accommodation. In case you get an idea about your early arrival to Jibhi, please inform the host about the same, they will get things done for you. 

Flashback – After a good amount of research, we booked a mudhouse e-living project and I think this was one of the best stays I ever had on any hill station. 

We did speak to the host before our arrival and for a heads up we informed her that we might reach around 9 in the morning, but we were way before our time. We reached at 6 30 in the morning, the host Aisha was the most genuine host I have ever come across. She made sure that our rooms are ready. 

After a good amount of sleep, we headed for our breakfast at the same place we were staying. The food and the coffee was just the way we wanted after a long journey. 

The famous Jibhi waterfall was just 5 minutes away from the place we were staying in. As it was a weekday, the trace to the waterfall was clear and we had the way to ourselves. The trail was way too easy and refreshing. The best part about the waterfall is the trail. You can sit relax enjoy the depth of mother earth and get connected. Honestly, there is not much to do and see, it’s just another waterfall in the mountains but as they say, you don’t know until you see it. 

If you have time then do explore Banjar. Banjar is a small town located near Jibhi. There is nothing much to do, you can explore the market. 

TIP: The market is closed on Sunday.  

There is nothing much to see in Banjar but you can visit the Blue Sheep cafe for a quick coffee and something to eat. The ambiance is homey and one thing I can assure you about this place is the people. I have met some of the most positive people and made a pack with my friends that whenever I plan to visit Jibhi again ( which I will ), I am staying at blue sheep. 

We had a wonderful dinner time at blue sheep. 

Thanks to our driver/guide, we had everything planned for the next day too. He asked us to be ready by 9 am and we were. The plan was to trek from Jalori pass till the famous lake – Serolsar lake. I can never forget the ride till Jalori pass. The entire path was covered in snow and looked mesmerizing, all I wanted to do was roll in the snow but I was risky. We were aware of the route till the lake and as it snowed the trail was tricky. Ichu Bhai ( our driver/ guide) accompanied us to the lake. The trail was easy but due to snow, there were hurdles in between. Make sure you check the weather and be aware of the conditions before starting your trek. 

We took a halt at a small stall, had maggie and started our trek again. It took us 2-3 hours to reach with just one halt. 

Serolsar lake, the lake was half frozen and the surroundings were covered in snow. There is a small temple next to the lake, if you wish you can visit the temple. Spend some time next to the lake and head back to stay. 

We were fatigued after coming back from the lake. All we did was to eat and sleep. 

The last day was more like chilling that traversing new places. We decided to visit Banjar and explore that market but as I have mentioned before about the closing day of the market. It was Sunday and the market was closed, so, we decided to chill at Blue sheep. 

Our bus to Delhi was from Aut which is one and a half hours away from Banjar. We thought of leaving early as there were chances of traffic but luckily there was none and we reached way before the time. 

Make sure you call the Manali bus terminal and inform the conductor about your pick up from the Aut bus terminal. Keep an eye on the buses that pass. 

After coming back to the rush and the crowd, I was all about comparing the people of Delhi to Jibhi. 

Jibhi is a utopia for people who respect nature and believe in connecting with people and nature rather than drinking, smoking and being just other tourists. 

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