6 Things to Know before you write a blog

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6 Things to Know before you write a blog

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Things to Know before you write a blog



[Or You can Say things to learn while you are becoming a blogger

Or Things to know for a blogger

Or How can you be a better blogger

Or maybe how to Write a nice and Attractive Blog.]



  1. Hire a Content writer or write the Right Content – by which I mean, you cannot write a blog the way your verbal conversations are. So, when you write about something (or anything) take care of the words, phrases, punctuations, etc.
  2. Read it before you post & share it – at-least 5 to 10 times before you proceed further, as in before you post it and share it with the world(as you know your one mistake can take you places like a lot of criticism & embrace-ment) as a lot of people would be judging on how good blogger you are by that only.
  3. Even if you know everything about the Subject , still try to read about the topic and know about it to the best of your knowledge, just to be sure that – the information provided by you is correct and not incorrect or in any way is not any different from the what it already means (i.e. the actual definition of the same-to be on the safer side).
  4. Clear Thoughts – Be clear about what you chose to write & what you want to convey through it. The message should be clear and easy to understand.
  5. Do not fill in your Blog with too many questions and then ending up with one short answer – it looks very confusing that whether you are describing something or you yourself is confused and have so many questions in your mind – it looks more like you yourself need an answer or answers for these questions.
  6. So, I was going through a blog and what is written in that blog is questions and questions and questions, and at the end what answer/solution was given was also like a question only.

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